Admissions Rules
The School expects the students to reach the school at least five minutes before the bell rings. However, the school will consider late coming due to some unavoidable reason only three times in a month.
It is mandatory for all students to come to school in the proper school uniform on all working days, parent teacher meeting and during school functions.
Students should always be neatly dressed and smartly turned out.
Students are required to bring their diaries to the school every day.
Students are advised not to bring costly articles, expensive electronic gadgets and other gizmos to the school. The school shall not be responsible for the loss of any such items.
Students are advised to deposit the article/ valuables found in the school with their class teacher.
Students are forbidden to practice any borrowing or lending.
Any disobedience ,misbehaviour , rudeness or use of improper language, on parts of the student, will be dealt with very strictly.
Students must take care of the school property. Damaging school furniture, writing on the walls or disfiguring school property will be dealt with strictly. Reports regarding damage to school property should be made to the class teacher or the principal.
Students are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the school campus by making use of the dustbins provided.
Student should not drive motorized vehicles to and from the school unless they have a license and have secured the permission from the school authorities to do so.
Students are required to keep their bicycles duly locked at the cycle stand.
Students are not allowed to use the office telephone without the permission of the office in charge.
Students will not be permitted to attend telephone calls during their class periods unless those are very urgent.
Whenever the parents come to school to drop their child or to meet the teacher, they are requested to come in appropriate attire.
Parents are required to attend all Parent-Teacher Meeting which are held on every fourth Saturday or as notified.
Parents and guardians are not permitted to visit the classrooms, visit their wards or take away their wards during school hours without the written permission of the principal.
Parents are advised not to take their wards during working days/ school hours for attending family/ social functions. Such practices should be discouraged.
Parents should ensure to send a healthy Tiffin in the morning itself and not send it later during the day.
Parents are advised not to send their children in civilian clothes on their birthdays. We do not encourage the distribution of gifts to the class mate or to the teachers.
Rules & Regulations
Children must be punctual and regular to school. Leave of absence must be applied for.
Children are not allowed to wear jewellery or bring valuables to school.
Children should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The School uniform is to be worn on all days. A student who comes to School out of uniform will be punished.
Students are responsible for all School property. Students should not scratch or spoil the desks or chairs, damage any School furniture, scribble anything on the School walls or break window panes. Any damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher. Vandalism will be penalized.
No reading materials (other than prescribed text books) should be brought to School without permission.
Money should not be lent or borrowed by the student and articles should not be exchanged between the students. The School will take a serious note of this offence.
Parents and guardians are not permitted to enter the class rooms.
No pupil will leave the School premises during the School hours without prior permission of the Principal.
The School reserves the right to advise the parents to withdraw their child if his/her progress in studies is unsatisfactory or his/her attendance is irregular or his/her conduct is harmful to other students.
Honesty, cleanliness of dress and loyalty to School are demanded and expected to each student.
Immorality, insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to property will be a sufficient reason for immediate expulsion of the student.
Parents should see that child has been administered triple antigen, polio vaccine and immunized against measles.
Students are admitted in the School at their own risk. The School will not be responsible for any injury or loss of books, stationery or any other article.
Student is not allowed to bring mobile phone to school.
Library Rules
Students must maintain absolute silence in the library.
Students are expected to handle the library books with care.
Books marked, disfigured or damaged will have to be replaced or paid by the borrower. For the loss of a book, the market price will be charged. Text books, magazines and reference books will not be issued.
Transport Rules
Students must maintain absolute silence in the library.
Bus fees will be paid by parents as per fee rules.
(a). At the end of the Academic Session, i.e. by 31st March, parents must apply in writing for withdraw from bus if required, failing which bus fee will be charged from April, as per approved rates.
(b). Bus drivers are authorized to stop the bus only at designated stops. Routes and stops are approved by the school and parents must survey the route prior to selecting a bus stop. Request for a change in route/stop will not be entertained. The list of stops is made keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters. No diversion/extension will be entertained on existing routes.
(c). Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner in the bus. They should not throw trash/food inside or outside the bus. They should be seated when the bus is in motion and follow the instructions of the Teacher in charge.
(d). In case of any emergency, parents must contact the School office, which will take the necessary action in contacting the person in charge of a particular bus.