Vision & Mission

We believe that when learning is fun, then the child picks things up spontaneously and naturally. Our curriculum is aimed at creating a vibrant, joyous and stimulating learning experience for the child. We have seen that children when taught in such an atmosphere of unselfconscious inquisitiveness, imbibe everything with remarkable thoroughness and a keen interest.

At The Wilbur School we believe in giving every child the space and time they need to learn new things. Our curriculum caters to the developmental needs of each child, providing flexibility in pacing, as per the individual potentialities of the child. Through our carefully designed and frequently upgraded curriculum, we try and provide an environment where each child with their unique personality can blossom.

We are also very particular about completely removing any kind of pressure of performance, thereby allowing the child to progress as per natural developmental milestones. We focus more on holistic development; that is overall development across physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects.

We follow an integrated, inquiry and value based approach - best practices inspired by the Montessori Method, ReggioEmilla Approach, Multiple Intelligences theory and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The overarching objective is to shape the character of the child from foundation up, and give the right guidance in spirituality and higher values, which forms the essence of The Wilbur School’s culture.

At The Wilbur School we nurture our children to be happy, to be able to express themselves freely, to love themselves and others around them, to have a passion for life, to be the best they possibly can. This is not only our philosophy and goal but also our reward.