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The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We at The Wilbur School, make sure that your toddler's first step is put in the right place thus ensuring a smooth, successful, and joyous journey ahead in life. Children are remarkable learners right from the day they are born. Nearing the age of three, they are more ready to be in a formal school environment. At the tender age of three, children are still fairly new to the World. They have an inherent curiosity to know more about the World they live in. It is, therefore the role of the adult to open the World to the child, to feed the curiosity of the child with utmost honesty and sincerity. At The Wilbur School, we understand the huge responsibility this entails and it is with this awareness that we have designed.

Our curriculum is aimed to be a series of stimulating experiences for a child. It is designed to motivate a child towards spontaneous and joyous learning. The joy a child experiences enables him to assimilate and imbibe learning with thoroughness and keen interest. Our curriculum addresses the developmental needs of each child, providing flexibility to cater to distinct individual potentialities.

We also aim to provide a rich environment wherein every child with his unique personality blossoms. The child absorbs and learns at his own pace, without any pressure of performance. By conscious awareness, The Wilbur School’s environment and curriculum are designed to nurture the child, keeping in view the natural developmental milestones. It caters to the holistic development of the child vis-à-vis physical, intellectual, social, and emotional. Over and above these four aspects of the personality, we believe in the character building of the child from its very foundation. Guidance in spirituality and higher values are the essence of The Wilbur School’s environment.

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