U-22-25 Eldeco Sidcul Industrial Park Sitarganj, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand

Mr. Rajiv Bakshi

M.A, M.S (USA), M.C.R.P (USA), M.S.Ed (USA), B.Ed.

My greetings to all readers!

This school is a microcosm of the larger world for which we equip our children. Character develops itself in the stream of life.

We aim to ignite the human spirit and the mind of our wards and teach them not what to think but how to think. Thus, they can continue to grow and broaden their horizons, which is the object and reward of learning. Apart from the knowledge of facts, I would emphasize on the knowledge of values and weave a variety of educational experiences into the fabric of school life. The aim of education is the holistic development and nurturing of the unique qualities of each individual child entrusted in our care.

To fulfill our educational aims, I look forward to building up strong alliances with all our collaborators in education: the parents, the faculty, the administrative staff, the management, the alumni association and all other members of the Institution. I acknowledge the contribution of all who have helped in the growth of this institution. It is the weaving of these individual threads that has created the rich tapestry.

Along with imparting value-based education, I am resolved to stand with the marginalized and weaker sections of society, to work together in caring for our earth and in educating others in the responsible use of its resources and to be instruments of reconciliation, pardon and compassion. We cannot overestimate the importance of this mission because our very existence tomorrow depends on it and our capacity to counter the negative impact of societal trends towards violence and materialism.

I am committed to upholding my ideals to change the lives of our students in a positive way.

The essential qualities I wish to foster in them are love, integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and charity. To all who read this message, I wish an abundance of the peace and joy.

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